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Dip powder Liquid Set with Gel Base & Top Coat

$34.97 USD

2 reviews

Dip Powder Liquid with Gel Top Coat

Set includes one of each Prep/Bond, Dip Base, Dip Activator, Gel Base, Gel Top Coat

This set includes all the liquids you need for completing the dip powder process with Gel Top Coat UV/LED lamp required

These are very high quality liquids which we have custom formulated to be easy to work with and give you amazing results

Step 1- Prep/Bond

Step 2- Base

Step 3- Activator

Step 4-  Gel Base (Cure time 30 seconds)

Step 5- No Wipe Gel Top Coat (cure time 30 seconds)

 Cure time is based on a 48W Lamp. Smaller lamps may require longer curing times.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

They are the best liquids ever ! No contamination, no rime gunk, no chipping, no dip flu ! Love them to the last drop 🥰

Tracey Petrillo
Liquids are amazing

I had no idea that great liquids could make all the difference. Absolutely no chipping or lifting and the top coat stayed so glossy. I have found my favorites!