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How To Do

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1- How do you apply Dip Powder to Nails with

Dip Powder Application

Step 1- Prep and Clean Nails

Step 2- Dehydrate Nails with Prep/Bond

Step 3- Apply Dip Base in thin even layer and Dip Nail in Dip Clear

if desired or Dip Powder Color.

You can also pour the Dip Powder over your nail

Make sure to remove any Dip Base or Dip Powder from skin with Cuticle Tool

Step 4- Allow to dry then brush off excess powder with brush

Step 5- Repeat Steps 3-4 until desired coverage is achieved. If you desire you can apply a layer of Clear Dip Powder on top of your Color

Step 6- Liberally apply Dip Powder Activator and allow to dry

Step 7- File and Shape Nails and remove all dust

Step 8- Reapply Activator and allow to dry

Step 9- Apply Dip Powder Top Coat in 3 quick strokes and allow to dry then

Apply second coat of Dip Powder Top Coat allow to dry

Step 10- Apply Cuticle Oil

Question 2- What is the Gel Method and how do you apply 

Gel Method uses Gel Base and Gel Top Coat in place of Dip Powder Base and Dip Powder Top Coat.
Here are the Steps

Gel Method Application
Step 1- Clean and Prep Nails

Step 2- Dehydrate Nails or apply Prep/Bond

Step 3- Apply Gel Base and then apply Dip Powder, Cure 30-60 seconds. Brush off any excess Dip Powder.

Step 4- Repeat Gel Base and Dip Powder Color layers until desired coverage is achieved. Curing after each application and brushing off any excess Dip Powder after curing.

Step 5- File and Shape Nails and dust off any debris
Step 6- Apply Base Gel Coat cure for 30-60 seconds

Step 7- Apply Gel Top Coat and Cure for 30-60 Seconds
Repeat Second Top Coat if desired.

Step 8- Apply Cuticle Oil to Cuticles! 

Question 3-How do you do Builder Gel Nails?

Builder Gel
Step 1- Clean and Prep Nails

Step 2- Apply Prep/Bond to Nails

Step 3- Apply Nail Form to Nails if desired 

Step 4- Apply Gel Base and Cure for 30 Seconds

Step 5- Apply Builder Gel to Free Edge area of your Nail and Cure for 30-60 seconds

Step 6- Apply Builder Gel to rest of Nail in thin layers building up as desired and Cure for 30-60 Seconds then wipe clean with alcohol 

Step 7- File Nails and dust off. Your nails are ready for desired top application (Dip Powder, Gel Polish, Top Coat)

If applying Gel Method Dip Powder apply another Gel Base (do not cure or wipe, Base needs to be sticky and wet for dip to adhere) Coat begin dip Powder application

If you just want to add top coat apply Gel Base-Cure, apply Gel Top Coat and cure for 30-60 seconds

Question 4- Can you Fill Builder Gel?

Yes you can!

Step 1- Clean and remove any builder gel that is lifting 

Step 2- Thin area with buffer the area between the builder gel and your cuticles (growth area)

Step 3- clean cuticle area and prep just like your starting with a new manicure.

Step 4- Buff, apply Prep/Bond, Apply Gel Base and Cure for 30 seconds 

Step 4- Apply Builder Gel thinly in cuticle area leveling out with nail and cure for 30-60 seconds 

Step 5- Clean Nail with alcohol and buff smooth. Your nail is ready for whatever nail product you want to apply. If you want to leave it with just the Builder Gel apply a layer of Gel Base and cure 30 seconds then apply your Gel Top Coat and cure 30-60 seconds 

Question 4- How to apply Peel Base