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Dip Powder Liquid Set

$24.97 USD

9 avaliações

Dip Powder Liquid Set

Steps 1-4

Set includes one of each liquid in 15ml bottles This set includes all the liquids you need for completing the dip powder process No UV/LED lamp required

These are very high quality liquids which we have custom formulated to be easy to work with , hard to contaminate and give you amazing results! All our liquids are HEMA free and cruelty free!

Step 1- Prep/Bond

Step 2- Base

Step 3- Activator

Step 4- Dip Powder Top Coat

Step 1- Prep/Bond cleans and preps nail  

Step 2- Base adheres dip powder and acts like a glue

Step 3- Activator bonds all layers of dip powder together and makes them harden

Step 4- Top Coat makes the nail shiny and protects the dip powder nails

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lexa Greenley
Look at that shine

I have been through many dips liquids. I must say this has a very pretty shine and easy to use. The only thing is to be patient with the activator it takes a little longer to dry but only by minutes.

Very nice!

Super easy to work with and they did not get stuck like other brands liquids. I do wish they were a bit shinier though.

Meghan Shafer
Love Krival

Hands down my favorite brand for dip powder and liquids!

Jennifer Hancock

I have never used dip prior to ordering Krival 2 weeks ago, and I'm in love! I just placed my second order and can't wait to get creative this fall season! Holly is very responsive and helpful! Highly recommend!

Danielle Waibel
Dip Liquids

All of Krivals products are top notch. The dip liquids are phenomenal and the top coat is super shiny!