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Butterfly Nail Forms

$5.97 USD

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KADS Butterfly shaped Nail forms for nail sculpting and building nail extensions.  Comes in a pack of 100 nail forms.

KADS brand is a heavy duty, High quality nail form which  is wider than most nail forms. Easier to use and great for wider fingers!
Each form measures 10cm wide x 8.2 cm long. Each pack contains 100 nail forms.

How to Use:

1. Peel off the nail form from the paper

2. Remove the middle small middle section.

3. Tear the top of the form to open up the form.

4. Hold the form at the front of the nail edge and keep the form level with the nail.

5. Then pinch both sides of the form together.

6. Make sure the form fits tightly under your natural nail.

Customer Reviews

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Dee Ulsamer

Love these forms. So easy to work with!